St. Paul Orthodox Church
Katy, Texas
Liturgical Colors

Vestments and other liturgical objects used in western rite parishes come in a variety of colors: white, red, green, violet, black and rose-color. The liturgical season determines which color is used. Festive occasions call for white or gold while penitential seasons call for more somber colors. For example, during the Nativity the vestments are white or gold but during the penitential Nativity Fast, they are dark violet. Our parish uses the following colors.



Weekly Schedule

9:00 am Sunday, Choir Practice
9:30 am Sunday, Matins - Divine Liturgy, Followed by:
Catechism and Sunday Class
7:00 pm Wednesday, Vespers
7:30 pm Wednesday, Choir Practice
5:30 pm Saturday, Vespers

Check calendar for services or events that might alter the normal schedule.

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